autism bears

Autism Bears

Our Personalised Autism Bears are dedicated to helping bring a smile to children with Autism. Autism Bears are a beautiful way of raising awareness and showing support for the Autism community of 700,000 people in the UK

At Baby Tots we want to help do our part and that’s why with every Autism Bear we personalise we will donate 10% to ‘The National Autistic Society


Autism Awareness Bears

Our Autism Awareness Bears are our small way of trying to put smiles on faces with our cute and cuddly soft toys that all ages will love. We can put our ‘Autism Awareness’ design onto any soft toy at Baby Tots for boys or girls.

Your Autism Bear will be personalised with the child’s name in a colour to match the teddy itself. If you do want specific colours then please just let us know in the Personalisation or notes section.


How do I order a Autism Bear?
  1. Simply select the soft toy you want to purchase
  2. In the ‘Personalisation‘ section just note down that you want the ‘Autism Awareness‘ design and let us know the name you want embroidered onto the bear.
  3. Checkout and await your delivery where your bear will be sure to bring some huge smiles 🙂
Can I get the Autism design on another soft toy or gift?

Certainly! Just let us know in the personalisation details or notes at checkout that you want the ‘Autism awareness’ design.

When do you send the donation?

After you’ve purchased your soft toy and we’ve completed the order, we’ll send the donation ourselves and then forward the email to you to see for yourelf 🙂

Can I get multiple Autism Bears for an organisation?

Absolutely! Please contact us in advance at so we can give you the best possible price for your order.